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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

TibiaME End-User License Agreement

This agreement defines the terms on which CipSoft GmbH, Pruefeninger Strasse 20, 93049 Regensburg, Germany offers you access to the online role playing game "TibiaME".

1. Terms of Service
TibiaME is an online game in which you will meet many other people. Every player is required to behave in a considerate and respectful manner towards other players. In particular, it is forbidden to provoke other players or to disturb game play in any other conceivable way. You need to comply with the TibiaME Rules which will be shown at the beginning of the game. CipSoft reserves the right to exclude any player who violates these rules for a limited period of time or for good.

You acknowledge that TibiaME can only be played with an internet connection. Charges apply for data transferred during game play. On average 500 kbytes of data are transmitted per playing hour. Additional charges only apply if you decide to subscribe to the game's premium services.

2. License
CipSoft grants you the nonexclusive, non-transferable, limited right and license to use the Software for your personal non-commercial use for gameplay on any device that you own or control. Your acquired rights are subject to your compliance with this Agreement. The Software is licensed to you and you acknowledge that no title or ownership in the Software is being transferred or assigned. This Agreement does not construe as a sale of any rights in the Software. All rights not specifically granted under this Agreement are reserved by CipSoft and, as applicable, its licensors.

3. Paid Services
Premium Time temporarily confers additional abilities and advantages to the character it is assigned to. The duration ranges between one week and four months. CipSoft reserves the right to add, modify or remove these additional abilities and advantages at any time. The premium status is not transferable between characters.

Platinum is virtual currency to purchase exclusive products in the ingame store. CipSoft reserves the right to add, modify or remove these exclusive products at any time.

Any fees for paid services must be paid in advance. They are not refundable in whole or in part. Current fees are announced on the website of TibiaME. CipSoft reserves the right to change fees and billing methods at any time. Changes of fees will only affect purchases made after the new fees are announced.

4. No Warranty
The use of the Software and its service is at your own risk. CipSoft rules out any claim for damages caused by the use of the Software or its service unless said damages were caused by intentional or gross negligence on their part. Also, loss of data and playing time will under no circumstances be compensated. CipSoft reserves the right to develop the Software or its service further. You acknowledge and agree that the use of the Software or its service and that the entire risk as to satisfactory quality, performance, accuracy and effort is with you. CipSoft does not warrant against interference with your enjoyment of the the Software or its service, that the functions contained in, or services performed or provided by, the Software or its service will meet your requirements, that the operation of the the Software or its service will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that defects in the Software or its service will be corrected.

5. Dispute Resolution
This agreement is governed by German law. Place of fulfilment and place of venue for conflicts arising out of this agreement is Regensburg, Germany. CipSoft GmbH is neither willing nor required to take part in out-of-court dispute resolution.

Privacy Policy

We take protecting your data seriously

Thank you for visiting our website. We are delighted that you are interested in our company and our products / services. We take protecting your personal data very seriously, and we want you to feel secure with regard to the information you give us when you visit our website. For us, complying with German data security law is a matter of course.

We want you to know what data we collect at CipSoft GmbH while you are visiting our website, when we collect it and how we use this information. We have taken technical and organisational measures that ensure that data protection regulations are observed by us and by any service providers we work together with.

Personal data

Personal data is information about your identity. This includes your name, your address and telephone number, and your e-mail address. You don't have to divulge personal information in order to be able to use our internet site. But in some cases we need your name and e-mail address, and further information so that we can provide you with the services you require.

The same applies when we need to answer your questions. We will always tell you when this is necessary. Also, we only store or process data that you have provided us with either voluntarily or automatically.

If you use one of our services, we usually only take the data that is necessary to provide you with the service you require. We may ask you for further information, but this is voluntary. Whenever we process personal data, we do it to provide you with the service you required or to fulfil our legitimate commercial interests.

Using your personal data

As a rule, we only use the personal data you have provided us with to answer your queries, process your orders, or to provide you with access to specific information or offers. We, or one of the service providers we work with, may also want to use this information to provide you with information about our services, or about products that may interest you. We may also use it for online surveys to help us improve customer service.

Naturally, we respect your wishes if you prefer not to provide us with additional information for customer services (especially if this is for direct marketing or market research purposes). We never give personal information to third parties or use it for other purposes.

Using your personal information for specific purposes

The personal information you provided us with will only be used for the specific purpose requested by you. We will not give your details to third parties without your permission.

Personal data is only shared with public authorities and government institutions when this is stipulated by law, or when we are forced to do so by a court of law. Our staff and any service providers we work with are bound to confidentiality and to observing the regulations of the Federal German Data Protection laws.

Automatically collected non-personal data

When you use the TibiaMe app, we store certain information for administration and technical reasons.

This data remains anonymous and it is used solely for statistical purposes and to improve our website and online services. This anonymous data is stored separately from personal data on secure systems and allows no inference on individual persons. This means that your personal details are protected at all times.


If you visit our website, we might store information on your computer in the form of cookies. Cookies are small files that are sent from an internet server to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. Only the internet protocol address is stored in this process, and no personal data is involved. The information stored on cookies means you will be automatically recognised next time you use our website, so you will find our site easier to navigate. For example, cookies enable us to adapt our website to your interests or to store your password, so you don't have to enter it again.

You can, of course, visit our website without using cookies. If you don't want us to recognise your computer next time you visit us, you can prevent cookies from being stored simply by setting your browser to "do not accept cookies." Find out how to do this in your browser's operating instructions. If you do choose not to accept cookies, you may have difficulty in accessing certain parts of our site.

Personal data collected by the app

When you use the TibiaMe app, we access and store certain information for administration and technical reasons. These are in general:

- For character recovery, specifically: E-mail address, Ip-address and type of recovery
- Payment processing information, specifically: Android transaction identifier, Apple transaction identifier, SponsorPay transaction identifier, name, address and mobile phone number
- Gamer information, specifically: subscription date, last login / logout, IP address, paid premium time / paid platinum per character, paid in-game products per character, history about the trade with Platinum (Platinum is in TibiaME a second currency that is bought with real money. With it you are able to buy game services and in-game items.)
- Automatic error reports for all clients, specifically: IP address, type and version of client / app, maker, type and identifier of device, mobile operator information, automatic error decription

When using the Android version of the app we further access or collect the following information:

- In-app-purchases
- SMS: SMS sent
- Pictures/media/data: change or delete USB-memory content, testing the access to secured memory
- WLAN-connection information; WLAN-connection recall
- Device-ID & call information: Telephone status and identity recall
- Device information, access to all networks, deactivate idle mode, network connection recall


Children under the age of 18 should not pass any information on to us without the permission of their parents or guardians. We never request personal data from children or under-aged persons. We do not collect this and do not pass it on to third parties.


We have put technical and administrative safety measures in place in order to protect your personal data against loss, destruction, manipulation and unauthorised access. All our employees and service providers are bound by the Federal Data Protection regulations.

Whenever we collect and process personal data, this information is coded before it is transferred. This means that your data cannot be misused by unauthorised third parties. Our safety measures are subject to an on-going optimisation process. Our data protection regulations are constantly updated. Please make sure you read the current version.

Changes to our data protection regulations

We reserve the right to alter our data safety and protection regulations if and when this becomes necessary as a result of new technology. In these cases, we will alter the data protection advice. Please make sure that you always use the current version of the data protection regulations.


Links from our app to other websites are not covered by this data protection declaration. We do our best to ensure that any links on our app meet up to our standards. However, we have no control over the content of these sites and cannot guarantee that they comply with our date protection standards. We therefore advise you to check the data protection declarations on the sites you visit.

Your Rights as Data Subject

You have the right of access to the personal data being processed by us (Art. 15 GDPR) as well as the right to rectify (Art. 16 GDPR) or erase (Art. 17 GDPR) these personal data. Furthermore you have the right to restriction of processing (Art. 18 GDPR), the right to object to processing of personal data (Art. 21 GDPR) and the right to data portability (Art. 20 DSGVO).

Please contact us ("controller"), if you want to exercise these rights:

CipSoft GmbH
Prüfeninger Straße 20
93049 Regensburg


Questions, Suggestions, Complaints

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or about the processing of your personal data, you can also contact our data protection officer:

Christian Volkmer
Projekt 29 GmbH & Co. KG
Ostengasse 14
93047 Regensburg

Phone: +49 941 2986930
Fax: +49 941 29869316

In case our data protection officer is unable to answer your request to your satisfaction, you have the possibility of lodging a complaint with the supervisory authority that is responsible for your state or country.

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