Fansite Programme

Visiting fansites is a great way for our players to receive extra information about TibiaME, be it information in different languages, statistics or detailed information in wikis. We think it is great that there are people in the TibiaME community who invest a lot of time in creating and administrating a fansite. For this reason, we are supporting qualified sites, and with them their administrators and helpers.

If you have created a TibiaME fansite and are interested in taking part in our fansite programme, please send an email to with a short description of your fansite's content. We will check your site then and it will be added to our list of "Monitored Fansites". "Monitored Fansites" are watched for a while to see how they develop. As soon as your site qualifies for the fansite programme it will be listed in our fansite section. Every 6 months your official TibiaME fansite will be re-evaluated in order to see if it still meets the requirements stated in our Fansite Agreement.

Should your site not qualify for the fansite programme, you will receive feedback about how you can improve your site. Applications can only be resubmitted quarterly.

Please note that our fansite programme is currently only open for general fansites about TibiaME. We are not accepting guild sites or sites for specific game worlds only. Furthermore, fansites which also deal with other games than TibiaME (general MMO sites, for example) cannot be part of our fansite programme.

Fansites receive the following benefits:

  • A direct link from our fansite section
  • Access to our internal fansite board on which materials like news articles, screenshots, artwork, and update teasers are presented in advance
  • A contact person from the community management department of CipSoft, who will assist you in all fansite related questions
  • Test server access for the contact person and 5 fansite helpers
  • An exclusive interview with a CipSoft member once a year
  • A badge for supported TibiaME fansites
  • Free premium time for the contact person for a period of 6 months, until the website is re-evaluated.

For further information, especially on the requirements to join the programme, please read the TibiaME Fansite Agreement carefully. If you are interested in joining the fansite programme, it is obligatory to sign this agreement and abide by it in order to be accepted.

Are there still any questions? Please send us an email to!