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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play the Game

How can I change my character's outfit?

Character outfits can only be changed if you are playing with a high-res client.

To change the outfit of your character, you need to find an outfit shop. They are located in all larger cities. You can easily recognise them by some jewel in the shop window. There are rumours that the owners used to sell jewellery in the past before they all of a sudden discovered their passion for makeovers.

Once you have entered an outfit shop, you have several ways to customise your character according to your wishes. In the upper left corner, you see a picture of your character. Next to your character’s image you will see a shopping cart icon. If you click on this button you can buy additional outfits elements for Platinum in the Marketplace. Beyond the two icons on top, you will find three different list items:

  1. line: Change your character's haircut.
  2. line: Change your character's face.
  3. line: Change your character's outfit
Press "Hair" and process the following steps to change your character's haircut:
  1. Select the haircut you desire.
  2. Select the hair colour of your choice.
Press "Head" and process the following steps to change your character's face:
  1. Select the face you desire.
  2. Select the a skin colour for your character.
Press "Body" and process the following steps to change your outfit:
  1. Select the outfit you desire.
  2. Define the base colour of your outfit.
  3. Define the sub colour of your outfit.
Simply select the look and colours your like best to change your character's appearance. Additional outfits, faces, hairstyles and colours can be purchased for Platinum at the Marketplace.