Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is TibiaME free?

Free players can discover the islands Saepira, Aurea and Lybera. On these islands you may roam freely, hunt monsters and set out on challenging quests. As a free player you may also travel to the other islands and check out special visiting areas. These areas allow you to find out if you would like to further explore the mysteries of this island. If you do, then you can simply buy permanent access to this specific island or you can purchase Premium Time which gives you full access to all islands limited by time.

Please do not forget that charges may apply for data being transferred during game play. These are billed by the mobile carrier depending on the used price plan. The game is optimised for mobile communication over GPRS and transmits per playing hour on average only 500 kBytes of data if using the classic client and 800 kBytes of data when playing with the high resolution client.