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What are Premium Characters?

To make your character a Premium Character, purchasing Premium Time is required. Premium Characters have access to all areas and are granted several additional benefits:

  • Permanent Life Insurance 50% (lose 50% less EP than free char when killed by monsters)
  • Stamina bonus (50% more EP for 2 hours whenever your Stamina is full)
  • Access to all Islands
  • Use all Portals
  • 9 Depot pages
  • Found guilds
  • 10 Trade Offers
  • Receive Platinum
  • Listed in Highscores
  • Priority Login
All Premium Characters receive a fix amount of Platinum as soon as the Premium Time is purchased which they can spend at the TibiaME Marketplace. The amount of Platinum a character receives depends on the length of the ordered Premium Time.

Please keep in mind that all these benefits will be lost when the Premium Time runs out. The character then returns to VIP Status. When you decide to purchase Premium Time again all the privileges will be reinstated.