Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play the Game

Controls and Hotkeys (key-based).


All your character's actions can be directed by using the directional keys and/or selection keys. By pressing the "OK/execute"-key you can open up the menu. Move with the directional keys up and down to navigate in the menu. By pressing the "OK/execute"-key a second time, the selected action will be executed. However, many actions can also be initiated by simply pressing a number key (hotkey). In the menu, you will find a list of hotkeys displayed in front of the corresponding action. To cancel an action, simply press the selection key on the right or the "Back"-key on your mobile phone.

The "OK/execute"-key can be at different positions depending on your phone model. At many phones, it can be found in the middle of your keypad.


Please note that for some actions you need to press the "OK/execute"-key to perform it after having pressed the selected hotkey.

Main Menu: (press one of the numbers below to perform a certain action or press the "OK/execute"-key to have the complete main menu shown)

1 Take (take the object you are standing on)
2 Use (use an item from backpack)
3 Drop (drop an item from backpack)
4 Backpack (show backpack contents)
5 Armour (show your armour / shields)
6 Map (shows the map) (classic client only)
6 Player info (gives information like level, gold or experience about character) (high-res client only)
7 Look (examine objects in the backpack)
8 Talk (local chat, everybody near you can read it)
9 Private Chat (talk to a specific player only or use guild chat (high-res client only))
# Info (enter the info menu)
* Premium (enter the premium menu)
0 Exit (save and exit the game)

# Info Menu:

#1 Character Info (shows Status, Attributes, Skills, Statistics, Monsterstats, Achievements and Quests of character)
#2 Rankings (contains the Who is online?-list, Top 100 Players ranking, the PvP ranking, Achievements ranking, Guilds and Friends ranking as well as further information about the listed characters)
#3 Communication (contains your Friends List, Ignore List, the Forum, Letters, Guild Chat (only for guild members) and Safe Trade)
#4 Set Password (change the password for the character)
#5 Recovery Contact (set up recovery contact or change existing recovery contact)

* Premium Menu:

*1 About (advantages of premium characters)
*2 Premium status (show info of your premium subscription)
*3 Subscribe (order a subscription to enjoy all premium benefits)
*4 Unsubscribe (stop your premium subscription)
*5 Set country (set your country here)