Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play the Game

Screen Layout.

The game window shows all information you need to know about your character.

The screen design varies depending on your phone's resolution and the game client you are using.

The screen contains a map centred around your character. The blue and the red bar show your magical energy and hit points - however, in the high-res client they are only displayed during combat or while refilling. Also, there is a third green bar which is also only displayed during combat - as it shows your opponent's hit points.

The grid of nine squares shows the contents of your backpack. In the 10th square, the weapon your character is currently using is displayed. For players using the classic client, also your character's level, experience points and gold are shown in the bottom left corner. Please note that certain parts of the game window will change if you perform certain actions.
Players using the high-res client will get information concerning their character's level, experience points and gold on an extra screen by tapping on the appropriate button or selecting "Player Info" from the main menu.