Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play the Game


In TibiaME you will meet many dangerous creatures that will attack you without warning. To start combat move your character next to the creature you wish to fight. Now all you need to do is to push the directional keys in your opponent's direction and the fight will start.
Also, if an opponent attacks your character, you will defend yourself automatically. During combat the damage caused is displayed by little numbers appearing above your character's or the monster's head. The monster's life energy is indicated by a green bar next to your own character's hit points. If either of them is reduced to zero, the corresponding character will die.

After combat, your hit points will start regenerating, and so will your magical energy. Mana is needed to use magical weapons. Whenever you score a successful hit with such a weapon, the blue bar which indicates your mana will go down. If you run out of mana, your weapon will be useless until your mana is replenished. Once you have defeated your foe, you will receive experience points (EP). Additionally, there is a possibility that you find a useful item and some gold that will be added to your gold counter. If you have gathered enough experience, your character will rise in level.