Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play the Game

Chatting and messaging with other players (key-based).

Chatting with other players: Hotkey 8
To chat with other players that are close by, please select the option "Talk" from the menu. An input line will appear along with a text window in which everything that is said will be displayed. Text is entered by using the mobile phone's numeric keypad. To send your text, press the "OK/execute"-key to open the menu, then select the option "Send". If you select "Keymode", you can switch between various input modes (e.g. upper and lower case). To finish the conversation, simply select "End Chat".

Messaging players: Hotkey 9
Apart from chatting with people who are standing close to your character, you can also send messages to other players who are far away (i.e. to players who are not visible in your section of the map). To do so, please select "Message" from the menu. You will need to enter the name of the person you would like to send a message to by using your mobile's numeric keypad. Once you have finished you need to confirm the name. Open the menu by pressing the "OK/execute"-key, select "Confirm name" and hit the key again. Now you will be able to send messages to the confirmed addressee just as if he were standing right next to you. Again, finish the conversation by selecting "End chat" from the menu.