Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play the Game

Talking to inhabitants, buying and selling items.

Talking to inhabitants:
You can talk to the friendly people living on all TibiaME islands. As a matter of fact we highly recommend doing so as TibiaME's inhabitants may give you important information which will help you to complete your character’s quests! You will recognise the inhabitants on their yellow coloured names, other players' names are displayed in green, boss monster names are coloured red. To talk to an inhabitant place your character next to him and move the directional keys in his direction. The TibiaME inhabitants are capable to talk to 4 adventurers at the same time. While talking, you have a limited set of answers to direct the conversation. Simply pick the answer that seems most appealing to you by using the directional keys, by pressing the corresponding numerical key or by touching upon the answer depending on the device you are playing on. You can end the conversation at any point of time by selecting "Farewell".

Buying and selling items:
In addition to the experience points and items you receive by killing monsters, you can also find gold in creatures. If you have gathered enough money, you can buy better equipment for your character. There are many interesting shops in the village where you can spend your hard-earned money. Also, the shop owners will buy the items that you have found during your adventures. To enter a shop move your character in the direction of the counter. A trade menu will open up which contains a detailed list of the items you can buy or sell in the shop you are currently visiting. By pressing the "OK/execute"-key or by touching an items from the list, the selected item will be bought or sold for the listed price. If you buy an item, you may choose where to place the item in your inventory by moving the cursor to the desired position or by touching upon the position. If you wish to sell an item, make sure that you have it in your inventory. You can leave the shop anytime by selecting "Leave" (Hotkey 0) from the menu or by pressing the "Cancel"-key.