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How to Play the Game

Storing items in the depot.

Storing items in the depot:
Since you can carry only a limited number of items, you may store additional items in a central depot. This way you can keep valuable objects that you currently do not need. To enter the depot move your character in front of it, then move your character in the direction of the counter. The list of the items in your depot will then be displayed. Now you can decide if you wish to store or retrieve an item. Choose item and destination slot. If you are using a touch-based device, every item you touch will be transferred to the next available free space from the depot to your backpack or vice versa. If you are using a key-based mobile phones, you need to confirm your actions with the "OK/execute"-key. You can leave the depot any time by selecting "Exit" from the menu or by pressing the "Cancel"-button.

As a free or VIP player you have a total of 3 depot pages to store your treasures. You are welcome to buy up to 6 additional pages at the Marketplace for more storage space. As a Premium player you are granted with 9 pages of item slots from the start. Please note that if you loose Premium status, your items will not vanish. You will still be able to retrieve them from the depot.