Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play the Game

What happens when my character dies?

It has finally happened. Just when you thought you would make it that orc turned up and cornered you... Well - take heart! In a world brimming with magic death is not the final word. You can continue the game with your character, even though you will lose experience. Simply end the game and select "Continue" to resurrect your character. Your character will then start at the nearest temple - a safe place which will give you the possibility to seek for new adventures.

To make a death less discouraging there are ways to reduce the experienced losses. The Life Insurance allows you to reduce your loss of experience points upon death by 50%, 80% or 100%. Once bought your Life Insurance is active until your character dies. After dying by the hands of one of the many monsters you have to renew your insurance. Every player starts with a Life Insurance of 100%, so the first death of your character will not reduce your experience points gained. Without protection your character loses 10% of its total experience points per death.

Every Premium character receives a Life Insurance of 50% for the duration of its Premium Time. The 50% Life Insurance is not used up after death as long as your character has Premium Time left. Note that you can also upgrade your protection to 80% or 100%, but your upgrade is used up after death and your Life Insurance is reset to 50% again.

VIP characters can purchase or upgrade Life Insurances at the Marketplace. Choose the protection you desire and upgrade it until your insurance reaches 100%.

Keep in mind that a Life Insurance cannot protect you from losing EP in PvP battles.