Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play the Game

How to use spells and spellbooks.

In the magical world of TibiaME, all characters have some magical talent and are able to cast spells. Wizards have of course much more magical potential than warriors, and are so able to learn much more spells and to use them more successfully. While warriors fight their enemies with a shiny weapon, wizards will cast powerful spells to defend their opponents.

To be able to cast a spell, you needs 2 things: a spell and a spellbook. Spells and spellbooks can be gained in various ways, e.g. some can be bought at NPCs, others can be received as quest reward.
Once you have learnt a spell and gained a spellbook, visit a spell shop - look for a wizard who is displaying a skull in his shop window. In the spell shop, a gifted wizard will transfer the spell to the spellbook using some magical energy. Whenever you "use" this spellbook now, you will cast the spell that is bound to this book, provided you have enough mana.
Note that every spellbook can hold only one spell. "Look" at your spellbook to find out which spell it contains.

You should visit Adurato on Lybera to learn your first healing spell and to receive your first spellbook for free. The wizard in the spell shop nearby will gladly transfer this spell to your brand-new spellbook. "Use" the spellbook to heal yourself whenever you are injured.