Frequently Asked Questions

The PvP-System


TibiaME has three PvP-arenas, two of which are located on Aurea. Both arenas in Aurea are accessible for all players. The third arena is located on Solahmar. It can only be accessed by Premium characters or by the ones that decide to purchase permanent access to this island at the Marketplace.

If a character dies during a fight in a PvP arena, it will lose 2% experience. Please keep in mind that a purchased Life Insurance does not apply for fights in the arena.

Apart from these risks, there is also something to be gained. Every character fighting in the arena takes part in the ranking system. By fighting and defeating higher ranked characters, a character climbs up in rank.

To make fights more challenging, a time limit was introduced. Once a character has set foot in the arena, it cannot leave it within the first 1.5 minutes. This feature was set to prevent fights being cut short by one of the opponents leaving prematurely.

In order to ensure that top-ranking characters cannot keep their rank indefinitely once they got it by simply avoiding the arena, quota was introduced.