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Guilds in TibiaME

If you are not a member of a guild, you can create your own. To do so, simply enter one of the guild houses and select "Found Guild". In order to create a guild you need to select a name for it. Please remember that the TibiaME rules apply to guild names as well, so be sure to select a legal name.

Note that your character needs to have the privilege to found a guild. Characters can unlock this privilege in the Marketplace permanently or receive it for the duration of their Premium Time. Keep in mind that the guild will not be disbanded in case the guild leader loses Premium status.

Once the guild has been created, you have access to the guild menu. You can now invite other players to join your guild, promote them to vice leaders or demote them as well as throw selected players out of the guild or disband the guild altogether. Note that you will have to invite at least 2 characters to your guild within the next 3 days after creation or the guild will be dissolved again.

As a vice leader you can invite other players to the guild as well, but you cannot kick members or delete the guild.

Guild members get bonus XP. If two players of one guild kill a monster together, each player will get a 10% bonus on his experience share of that monster. For example:

Player 1 and Player 2 are attacking a monster with 100 hit points. Player 1 deals 70 damage and Player 2 deals 30 damage.

  • Player 1 will now get 70 XP + 7 XP bonus
  • Player 2 will now get 30 XP + 3 XP bonus