Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play the Game

What are achievements?

Achievements are extra goals that you can accomplish while playing TibiaME. You can use them to compare yourself with other characters without having to fight them. Achievements can be very simple things like joining a guild, travel for the first time by ship, collect a small amount of gold, or more difficult things like slaying a huge amount of monsters by using a certain damage type. Achievements are a great way to show others how successful you have played the game so far.

You can look up your own achievements in the "Info" menu under "Character Info". Select "Achievements" from the list to see either your "Finished" or "Unfinished" achievements. Click on "Finished" and "Info" to see which deeds you have already fulfilled and what exactly you have done to reach them. By clicking on "Unfinished" and "Info", you can find all achievements that are still available for your character and what it needs to do to earn them.

You can check out achievements of other characters by selecting it from the "Who is online?" list in the "Info" menu. If you "choose" a character there, you will be able to see some extra information about this character as well as the menu point achievements. You can also get this information by selecting a character from one of the "Rankings", however, achievements will only be displayed if the selected character is currently online.