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How to Play the Game

How to get more information about characters on my game world?

You can learn much more about other characters by selecting a character from the available character lists ingame. To do so enter the "Info" menu, and then select "Who is online?" or "Rankings" to reach either the Top 100 Players or the PvP Ranking. Either "Choose" a character or ask for "More Info" about a selected character to gain interesting information about it.
If a character is online you can find the following information about it:

  • Vocation
  • Level
  • Online status
  • PvP Rank
  • Highscore Rank
  • Guild
  • Guild Rank
In addition you can select "Achievements" and "Kill Statistics" from the menu to learn which achievements this character has already earned and which and how many monsters it has defeated. These extra menu items as well as "Guild" and "Rank" are not available if you check a character that is offline in one of the rankings.