Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How to join TibiaME? (Classic client)

Joining TibiaME is easy. Simply download the client from our website, the App Store or Google Play and install TibiaME on your mobile device. Start the game by selecting the TibiaME icon.

Select "Options" and choose "New game" to start a fresh adventure in the exciting world of TibiaME. A short video sequence introduces you to the story, and then you are already asked to create your own hero. Several data is required here. By navigating up and down you can select the various settings:

  1. Name: Of course your character needs a name. Names must consist of at least 2 letters, and they must not contain any special characters, spaces or numbers. If you receive the message "Invalid name - please choose another one", the name you selected is already used by another player or contains an illegal combination of letters or. In this case, please select a different name for your character.
  2. Password: To ensure that your character can only be played by you, you need to enter a password. Your password must consist of at least 6 characters and contain numbers and/or letters. Please make sure to use a password that is hard to guess such as "67hy83sw" or "ls03hfi5". If you choose an easy to guess password like "123456" or the corresponding "adgjmp", you risk losing your character to a hacker.
  3. World: Here you can select the game world you want to play on. Game worlds differ only in the characters that are registered there. Note that your character is bound to its game world and cannot move to another game world at a later time. If you want to play together with your friends, make sure that you all register on the same game world.
  4. Vocation: Select here if your character is a brave warrior or a mighty wizard. Warriors are great in close combat as they are strong melee fighters who can also take a lot of damage. Wizards can cast powerful spells and deal a lot of damage. However, they need to be more careful in battles as they cannot take as much damage as warriors.
  5. Gender: Will your hero be male or female? Here is the place to decide about.
Once you have defined all settings for your character, select "Start game" under "Options" and let the adventure begin.