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How to Play the Game

Safe Trade and Trade House

If you have found valuable loot that you do not need yourself, you can try to sell it to other characters. There are two safe ways to trade items for gold coins: the safe trade and the trade house.

Safe trade

To trade an item for gold with a character that is standing close to you, select "Safe Trade" from the "Info" menu under "Communication". There you can select if you like to "Buy" an item from another character, or "Sell" an item to another character.

Click on "Sell" and then on "New Offer" to sell an item. Select the item you like to sell. Afterwards a list of all characters near you will be displayed. Select the character to which you want to sell the item. Now enter the price for which you like to sell the item to the other character. The selected character will now receive the message that you have made a trade offer. As long as the deal has not been completed, you can cancel your offer by selecting "Cancel Offer" respectively by clicking on the item in the "Sell" list if you have a touch-based device.

To accept an offer made by another character for you, enter the "Safe Trade" under "Communication" and select "Buy". Click on "Select" to choose an item offered to you. Now you can decide whether you want to finalise the deal and "Buy" the offered item, or if you rather "Decline" the offer.

Trade house

Premium characters may offer 10 items via the trade house. Additional slots can be purchased at the Marketplace. As a VIP player you are also able to purchase these slots. The limit for all players is 20 simultaneous offers. Please note that as a free or VIP player you are not allowed to offer any items unless they have purchased some slots.

Trade houses can be found in every big city and are all linked with each other. Therefore, your offers can be seen in the trade houses of all cities. You can easily recognise a trade house by the stacks of gold on the counter.

Buying items:
To buy an item offered in the trade house, click on "Select" and choose one of the categories, e.g. select "Head Armour" if you are looking for a new helmet. Again click on "Select" to browse through the offers. If you find an item you like to buy, click on it and all offers containing this item will be displayed. "Select" the offer you like best. On the next page, you can look at the item's stats. If you still agree with the price, click on "Confirm" to finalise the deal. Note that the deal only takes place if you have got enough gold to pay the requested price and space in your backpack.

Selling items:
To sell an item in the trade house, click on "Sell" and select the item from your backpack that you would like to offer. Enter the price for which you want to sell the item. The price must be between 1 and 999,999,999 gold. Note that you have to pay a fee of 1% of the sale price but at least 5 gold for offering your item in the trade house. If you do not have enough gold to pay the fee, offering the item will fail. On the next page, check if you have selected the correct item and entered the correct price. If everything is as it should be, click on "Confirm". If nobody buys your offered item in the next 30 days, the item will be deleted. However, you can cancel the sale any time before this 30 days are over to avoid the deletion of this item.

To cancel an offer, select "Own offers" choose the offer you want to chancel and click on “Cancel” while being in the trade house. Note, that you will lose the fee you have paid for using the trade house when cancelling your offer.

Once one of your items has been sold, you will receive a letter.