Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play the Game

Controls and Menus (touch-based).


To move your characters, touch the corresponding arrow on the D-pad or simply touch on the point in the screen to which you want your character to walk. The most comfortable way to move your character is swiping. Swiping works only if you have activated walklock in the "Settings". To swipe your character, slide your finger on the touchscreen in the direction you want to move until a red point appears in the middle of the D-pad. Your character will now keep walking until it meets some obstacle. To change the direction of your character simply slide with your finger in the direction your character should walk or use the D-pad. Finally, you can touch upon another walking character to follow this character wherever he goes. Note that your character will stop if you walk against an obstacle, the other character uses stairs or a teleport, or if the other character stops walking.

Tab on your character to enter the inventory (backpack icon), equipment (hero icon), chat (speech bubble icon) or character details (statistics icon) sections. You can also tab on the toggle button (the one with the circling arrows) to navigate thought these pages. By touching an item in your inventory, a small menu opens up. Use the hand symbol to drop the item, the eye symbol to get more information about this item and the tool symbol to use or equip this item. To pick up an item on the floor, simply touch upon it.

Tap the menu button (the one with the lines), to enter the menu or to log out.

Info Menu:

Islands (grants permanent access to individual islands) Boosts, Life Insurance (Boost your rewards regarding gold and experience points or reduce your EP loss upon death)
Outfits, Colours (obtain new colours for your outfits or completely new ones)
Teleport (teleport to and from cities)
Adventure Packs (combinations of several items to fit the adventurer's needs)
Misc (a selection of different offerings to enhance your playing experience)

Premium & Platinum:
Choose Method (select your preferred payment method to purchase either Platinum or Premium Time)
About Premium (learn about the benefits of purchasing Premium Time)
About Platinum (get a list of the benefits a VIP player enjoys)
Purchase History (shows information concerning your previous purchases)

Character Info:
Status (get general information about your character like level, Ep, Ep until the next level, stamina, Life Insurance etc.)
Attributes (watch, distribute or reroll your character's attribute points)
Skills (watch, distribute or reroll your character's skills)
Statistics (check statistical information about your character like vocation, level, PvP rank, highscore rank, guild etc.)
Monsterstats (find out how many of the various creatures you have already killed)
Achievements (see which achievements you have already reached and what you have to do for the ones you have not earned yet)
Quest Log (here you can check which quests you have already completed and which ones you are currently trying to master)
Communication (manage your friend/ignore list as well as your in-game letters and trade house offers/purchases)
Rankings (get access to your friend list and learn about other players and guilds on your game world)

General (forum for all game related threads)
Help (here you can seek help in case you encounter problems with accessing your character or running the TibiaME client)

Save and leave the game