Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play the Game

What are attributes, how to get and how to distribute them?

Every character has four attributes which can be set individually:

  • Hitpoints (your life)
  • Mana (your magical energy)
  • Attack (your probability to hit and the ability to use certain weapons)
  • Defence (your chance to dodge and the ability to wear certain equipment)
There is a base of 100 points for mana and hitpoints and 10 points for attack and defence for each character. Whenever your character advances one level, you get 3 attribute points which you can distribute yourself. Further, mana will automatically be raised by one for warriors and wizard's will gain automatically one attribute point for hitpoints with every level.

Although, you are free to distribute attribute points as you like, you are well advised to not spend them all on one attribute only. Make sure that you have enough attack and defence points, so you are able to use your weapon and armour. If your attack attribute is too low for the equipped weapon, it will be marked with a '*'. Note that your weapon will have a very low hit chance. If your defence attribute is too low you will not be able to wear more powerful equipment or dodge hits from stronger monsters.

To distribute your attribute points, go to Character Info in the Info menu and then select Attributes. At the bottom you can see how many points you have left. Select the attribute to which you want to add points. On top, you will find a small subscription of this attribute. Below you can choose whether you would like to raise your attribute by 1 or by 5 points at once.

Depending on your character's vocation, attribute points raise your mana and hitpoints differently. For every attribute point a warriors adds to the attribute hitpoints, he will receive 10 hitpoints, while a wizard will only receive 4 hitpoints for every attribute point. In return, a wizard's mana will be raised by 8 for every attribute point that is assigned to mana, while a warrior's mana will only be raised by 2 per attribute point.

Note that your attribute points will be distributed automatically if you have 12 or more points left once you log out of the game. This automatic distribution can be turned off directly in the attributes menu. Please keep in mind that your character will be very weak if you do not distribute its attributes.