Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play the Game

How to use skills?

To be able to use a skill to which you have already distributed skill points, you need to activate it. Characters can activate up to two skills at once, however, these two skills need to be of different skill-trees. To activate a skill, go to Character Info in the Info menu and then select Skills. Select the skill tree to which the skill belongs. There, select the skill you want to activate and then click on "Choose". The skill is now active.
Activated skills are displayed in the two lower corners of your game window. If you are using a touch-screen device, simply click on a skill to use it. Players using a key-based phone, need to press 'Use' + '*' or 'Use' + '#' to activate the according skill. A green progress bar will be displayed once you try to use the skill and the skill is fully charged. Once all charges of a skill are used, the skill needs to be charged newly. As long as the skill charges, it cannot be used and a red progress bar will be displayed.