Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play the Game

What are rerolls?

Rerolls allow you to distribute your character's attribute points or skills newly. If you reroll your skills, all your skills will be reset and you can distribute them according to your wishes. If you reroll your attributes, all attributes will be set to 0 and you can distribute them as well.

Every character begins the game with 6 free rerolls. Additional rerolls can be purchased at the Marketplace with Platinum. Note that attributes and skills share the same stock of rerolls.

You can choose whether you want the automatic distribution of attributes enabled or not. If it is disabled, the attributes will not be distributed automatically. But be aware of the fact that your character is very weak if you do not distribute your attribute points. If enabled and you have 12 or more undistributed attribute points left, make sure to distribute them before leaving the game. Otherwise they will be distributed automatically and you might have wasted one of your rerolls.